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Le groupe verbal

Les temps

Le groupe nominal     La phrase
To Be, to come : Conjugaison Articles Interrogatives négatives
Do : Verbe et Auxiliaire Adjectif ou Adverbe Questions / Mots Interrogatifs
Have / Have got  Place des Adverbes For, Since, Ago, During
Be / Have : Exceptions Adverbes - Rappel N'est-ce-pas ? Tags
Preterit Adverbes de Frequence  
Futur simple et Futur proche Comparatif et Superlatif So, Either, Neither
Preterit,  Present Perfect, Past Perfect Comparatif Expressions Courantes1
  Superlatif Expressions Courantes2

Present simple vs Present

en "ing"

Adjectifs et Pronoms Possessifs Asking for directions
  Preposition de lieu  Faux Amis
  Rappels Divers

Pronom indéfini "ON"

  Across - Through Gerondif

Say or Tell

 Adj + preposition



Everyday - Every  day


ELIZABETH II the longest reign of the Br[...]
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January 31st 2020 Great Britain went out the EU


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"About Great Britain"









   A week-end  so British !

Cats-shrubs in English parks.  AMAZING !

The surrealistic English painter Richard Saunders uses thick shrubs and trees to create his huge cats! Once he saw a photo on the trees cut in the shape of clouds and had the idea of transforming the shrubs into cat sculptures.

    The prototype that served him is Tolly his deceased race of cat "Russian Blue" .We can cross these cats in many parts of England which are much appreciated by the people.

You can watch them in a bigger size in Pictures

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