Our English Lessons
Our English Lessons

That's the end of the lessons ; it's time to celebrate

With the students from Tuesday lesson

June, Tuesday 28th

As Jeannette had some healthy problems she invited all of us in her house ; what a nice time we had together and some came with their conjoint and it was great.

Many good things home made to eat  and nice drinks with many laughs.

Thanks for your card written with humor , your flowers and your envelop.

Your are nice persons.

With the students from Wednesday 1 and Friday

ELIZABETH II the longest reign of the Br[...]
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   A week-end  so British !

Cats-shrubs in English parks.  AMAZING !

The surrealistic English painter Richard Saunders uses thick shrubs and trees to create his huge cats! Once he saw a photo on the trees cut in the shape of clouds and had the idea of transforming the shrubs into cat sculptures.

    The prototype that served him is Tolly his deceased race of cat "Russian Blue" .We can cross these cats in many parts of England which are much appreciated by the people.

You can watch them in a bigger size in Pictures

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