Our English Lessons
Our English Lessons


After a rainy and stormy night while some were sleeping we had our breakfast in Calais, and now ... England, here we come !!


Magnificent Castle !

the Union Jack flag is floating on the main tour ; the Queen is not here! Yet before so much agitation, I went to ask the reason why! "The Queen is expected in the afternoon." I do not know when exactly !! Unfortunately we will not see Her Majesty because we will be on Oxford... What a shame !!

While certains are visiting the castle and the gardens I stayed outside waiting for the arrival of the guards !

They are going to change the Guards on duty inside the Castle

After changing the guards inside the Castle the troop and the band are back to their quarters

OXFORD                                   May 27th

Sun, you are always with us to appreciate Oxford Treasures.

CAMBRIDGE                              May 28th

Under a amazing sun, we had a wonderful punting trip on the river The CAM .




Three guides will show us around the prestigious Cambridge and the visit of a college

PICADILLY May 28th  LONDON TOTTENHAM Underground station

On the evening, free time for my "Students"

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