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It's so amazing, great, beautiful that you tears may drop...

The man is able to do beautiful things, very beautiful things... The knight, the horse and the skater ... beautiful !!!
What a wonder of grace and elegance !!! I can not say who is the most gracious of the 3 .... and on this wonderful song of Barbara, it is divine.

Just watch, put in widescreen and ENJOY :



It is so sweet that I can't keep it for myself !

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Enjoy and listen !


This doggy looks like Vanille but in opposite colour.

If you want to have some fun  and improve you way of talking English, that will be a new help for you.


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Writer Automaton, Switzerland

A 240 year old doll that can write, a clockwork creation by Pierre Jaquet-Droz, a Swiss watchmaker. The doll is able to write any custom text up to 40 letters long, and it uses a goose feather to write, which he inks from time to time, including a shake of the wrist to prevent ink from spilling. His eyes follow the text being written, and the head moves when he takes some ink. You can view this doll in person at the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire of Neuchâtel, in Switzerland.

The robot is a little boy that can write in beautiful cursive, with inward workings that are intricate like a computer. Tiny pieces are read by different parts inside the automaton and make the hand of the robot boy move just right to write out words on paper. An amazing invention, made two-hundred and forty years ago by a Swiss clock maker, it is the ancestor to the modern day computer; the boy can be programmed to write different things by changing his inside parts.
Quite amazing and ingenious; it's astonishing that someone more than two centuries ago put together this marvel.

ELIZABETH II the longest reign of the Br[...]
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   A week-end  so British !

Cats-shrubs in English parks.  AMAZING !

The surrealistic English painter Richard Saunders uses thick shrubs and trees to create his huge cats! Once he saw a photo on the trees cut in the shape of clouds and had the idea of transforming the shrubs into cat sculptures.

    The prototype that served him is Tolly his deceased race of cat "Russian Blue" .We can cross these cats in many parts of England which are much appreciated by the people.

You can watch them in a bigger size in Pictures

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