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  • Evelyne BOTTE (lundi, 18. août 2014 17:11)

    Je vous souhaite la Bienvenue sur ce nouveau site et j'espère qu'il vous plaira.
    Bonne visite

Message de Denise PHILIPPE

Bonne année Evelyne,
Votre souci est de nous faire progresser, nous vous en sommes très reconnaissants malgré les difficultés parfois.
Je vous souhaite une année 2014 faite de douceur et de mille petits ou grands bonheurs.

Message de danièle or Dany.

Hello Evelyne.It's a plaisir to work with you.I'm very enjoy to learn with you.sometimes, it's difficult for me, because I'm impressed. I hope to speak Englih very well, in the futur thank to precious help, I thank with all my heart......see you soon

Message de Colette

Dear Evelyne
Thank you for the lessons.It's very interesting to learn English every week.
I like working with you.
Thank you very,very much.
See you soon.

Message de LARDEUX

Dear Evelyne,
Thank you for all.You are constantly working for us.The new presentation of the texts is very well designed and easy to use.

Message de Monique

Thank you, Evelyne,

I think it's great what you are doing for us

So, thank you, thank you very much.

Message de Jocelyne

thank you Evelyne to do so many things for us.

See you soon



Message de Nathalie

Merci mille fois pour le savoir que vous nous apprenez, surtout avec toute la patience que vous avez.
Si j'avais eu une professeur d'anglais dès le départ comme vous, je pense que mon anglais n'en serait pas aussi nul aujourd'hui.
Grace à vous, je progresse chaque semaine.
Vous expliquez bien vos cours, et le reste ne tiens qu'à nous, c'est à dire de bien travailler à la maison et d'apprendre par coeur.
Du fond du coeur je vous en remercie énormément.


Message de Rollane

Good afternoon Dear Evelyne !!
I am reading your new Newsletter on line, Media 85 !!
What is the difference with the other, I don't see ..... Sorry !!
I am very disapointed !! (it's a joke!)
I thank you for all your work and......... it's very kind of you !!

Message de Josette

Bonjour Evelyne
Merci à tous deux pour la belle présentation du site Média 85.
A bientôt.
Bien amicalement

Message de Yannick

Good afternoon.
I saw the new newsletter, it's wonderful.

Message de Françoise

Cheer !...
It's marvellous ! This remenbers me our trip in England & more exactly our boat trip on the Thames !
Good memories....
Thank you,
Kindly, Françoise

Message de Soizic

Congralutations it s very wonderfull
I could dream in front of my computer.
London : the quays of the Thames where I would love
to walk
Thank you
ELIZABETH II the longest reign of the Br[...]
Fichier audio/vidéo MP [69.3 MB]


January 31st 2020 Great Britain went out the EU


Read in the Tab 

"About Great Britain"









   A week-end  so British !

Cats-shrubs in English parks.  AMAZING !

The surrealistic English painter Richard Saunders uses thick shrubs and trees to create his huge cats! Once he saw a photo on the trees cut in the shape of clouds and had the idea of transforming the shrubs into cat sculptures.

    The prototype that served him is Tolly his deceased race of cat "Russian Blue" .We can cross these cats in many parts of England which are much appreciated by the people.

You can watch them in a bigger size in Pictures

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